A-Frames, also called “Sandwich Boards”  are one of the most common types of signs. They can stand on their own and can be viewed from both directions, making it a great advertising choice. There are several sizes available and they come in wood, laminated wood, and plastic.

Wood and Laminated Wood A-Frames have vinyl receptive faces. The vinyl lettering or decal  is applied directly to the board. We recommend lamination on digital print faces. This will help increase their lifespan, prevent the colors from fading, and protect the print from abrasions. When using cut vinyl letters, no lamination is required. Wood frames are best if your message isn’t going to change.

Plastic A-Frames require a sign board with your message that can be inserted and removed from the frame. These long lasting, durable frames allow your message to change easily. You can switch out the sign faces with different messages as often as you like. Once you have the frame, you will only need to buy and replace the faces.

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